I’m back!!!

This site has been down for far too long.  I’m back and everything here is going to be brand new.  I may dig through some old posts to see if they’re still relevant.  Perhaps some can be updated, but a lot has changed and I feel like a fresh start is good.

So who am I?   My name is Carl Stanley.  I am a Network/Systems Engineer for a small New England college and I LOVE my job.  In my 15 years of supporting IT, I still feel like I’ve got a long way to go before I can call myself an “expert.”  It’s a label that others may bestow on us “IT professionals.”  It’s true that we regularly have to turn to the internet to find solutions to our problems.  I have done this countless times to solve difficult problems for people who see what we do as magic.  When I have you guys to thank.  The purpose of this site is to give back.  I hope to help others in their search for answers as they have helped me.